Meet the newest member of the Mix team. Her name is Amy. She was born in Sturgis, SD and grew up in Tucson, AZ. She came back to South Dakota for college. Then she loaded up her bags and she moved to Tennessee. She worked radio and then went into the health and fitness field. Then in 2012 she moved back to Rapid City to work at Regional Health. She also did a lot of Regional’s commercial voice work and public speaking. Then she came to HomeSlice Media. She is on 93.9 The Mix weekdays from 10am-3pm and Saturdays from 10am-2pm. She has been on four of Homeslice’s six radio stations, and won’t rest until she’s been on them all. We’re just glad she spends the day with us on 93.9 the Mix. By the way, her last name is pronounced Rose.